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We continue to produce earthenware products in accordance with the quality standards with our machines using the latest technologies in our historical workshop and modern factory with our esteemed craftsmen. We are working with quality production, commercial honesty and business ethics awareness and responsibility in order to protect our brand value that we have created with care over the years. In the light of our R & D activities, we are proud of breaking new ground in the sector. Our customers are our priority.
The core business of MYPOT is to produce earthenware products. These products are mainly as follows; Kitchenwares & Tablewares & Cookwares; Flower Pots & Decorative; Food Pack containers;
Kupcu Company oparetes in Menemen in 3000 m² enclosed since 1991. We have a lots of models of terracotta and glazed potteries, vases, decoration items and new part of food packings, made of terracotta. Their sizes are between 12 cm and 90 cm diameter and our potteries are hand made production. Our glazed and terracotta potteries have an special feature that is waterproof..

Our items are producedfirst class and high quality handcrafted. Furthermore, products are hand made cooked at 1000 ° C degrees in a big oven with naturel friendly LNG ( naturel gas)

We use European standards packing systems for transport.

At the same time we have an permission ( Code : G35-2767-G-00001 Date: 11.03.2010) for terracotta food packings like yogurt cassorale, mini butter jars e.t.c. from ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.

Our factory is available for producing terracotta food packing and our raw materials( terracotta and glaze) have no problem in terms of health.